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Shwan Baban
Region II Facilitator

Shwan Baban was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. In 2012, he moved to the United States at the age of seventeen. Once he graduated from high school, he was fortunate enough to get the chance to move to the United States. He attended multiple community colleges including Pellissippi State Community College in Tennessee and Wake Technical Community College in North Carolina. In the end, he went to North Carolina State University. During his junior year at NC State University, Shwan realized his passion for pharmacy and decided to pursue it as his career.

In 2017, Shwan started pharmacy school at Wingate University School of Pharmacy located in Wingate, North Carolina. During pharmacy school, Shwan was involved in multiple organizations such as Student National Pharmaceutical Association, North Carolina Association of Pharmacists, Phi Lambda Sigma and Kappa Epsilon Pharmaceutical Fraternity. He served as the president of Kappa Epsilon Beta Omicron chapter and was a student mentor in Phi Lambda Sigma. Shwan was influenced by SNPhA’s mission of serving the underserved population and started attending community health outreach events. He enjoyed going out into the community and educating the patients. In 2018, he attended the SNPhA/NPhA national conference in Charlotte, North Carolina and that was when he fell in love with SNPhA. Shwan was very amazed by the atmosphere of the conference and by the comradery of the attendees. By then, it was not just SNPhA anymore; it was SNPhAM. Since that conference he decided to serve this organization on a national level. Shwan became the diabetes co-chair and started organizing events. By the end of the academic year, the diabetes chair was recognized as being the initiative chair of the year in his chapter.  

Currently, Shwan is a fourth-year PharmD candidate with an interest in ambulatory care practice and pharmacogenomics. Shwan also has an interest in academia and hopes to become a professor so he can make an impact on the next generation of pharmacy students. In his free time, Shwan enjoys going for a walk/jog, hiking, playing the guitar, binging TV shows on Netflix and hanging out with friends. 

Shwan is honored to have the opportunity to serve as the 2020-2021 region II facilitator. He plans on bringing all the excitement in the world to the national board and the members in the region. He understands that we are going through unusual circumstances this year and despite these conditions he would like to reassure each member with his unwavering commitment to this position. Our Journey Continues this year for our mission to serve the underserved and push SNPhA forward to the next level!

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