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The Diabetes Initiative aims to advance public knowledge about pre-diabetes and diabetes through educational events, through increasing collaboration between other SNPhA initiatives and through increasing partnerships with local and national community organizations. Additionally, the initiative aims to empower members to become diabetes educators, while increasing knowledge about the disease and confidence in working with patients, and to advocate for the profession through relentless efforts to increase disease awareness.


This initiative has made great strides in raising public awareness about diabetes and counseling patients with diabetes. This past year this initiative impacted 16,200 patients through various health screenings and educational events. We plan to continue the impact communities by focusing on more than just the medications, the numbers, and the disease. The main vision this year is to increase resources for patients within their communities and to help connect them to needed resources such as dieticians, fitness instructors, and various health and community professionals.


Upcoming Fighting Diabetes Initiative Challenges and Dates:

All year goal: Community Resource Guide


Important National Diabetes Date

National Diabetes Awareness Month: November 2018

National Diabetes Day: November 14th


‘More Than Just The Medications’


Subcommittee applications are NOW OPEN until September 23rd.



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