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Operation Immunization

Operation Immunization is an immunization education campaign designed to increase the public's knowledge of immunizations while raising the number of adults receiving immunizations.


Each year SNPhA members have the opportunity to show the world how important immunizations are by participating in the Sixty Second Video Challenge! It takes less than 60 seconds to administer a vaccine to a patient. With this video challenge, we want to how you can educate a patient or the community about immunizations in 60 seconds or less! This competition encourages public education, advocation, and more importantly, creativity and fun!


SNPhA members are encouraged to celebrate many different holidays centered around various vaccines. World Polio Day is one of the days SNPhA students often celebrate because polio is 99% eradicated! Unfortunately, some countries still experience outbreaks and as a result children can still be paralyzed and possibly die. SNPhA members can help end this vicious cycle by hosting events to spread awareness, advocate for global vaccinations, and raise donations for immunizations in countries suffering from polio outbreaks. An example of this enthusiasm stems from the immunization program, End Polio Now's Purple Pinkie campaign; our members from around the national showed their support through painting their pinkies purple and sharing the photos on social media.


Selena Warminski,