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Remember the Ribbon

The Remember the Ribbon (RTR) Initiative is dedicated to improving the health and social environment of underserved communities in regards to the HIV/AIDS epidemic through awareness, prevention, and education.


Each year on December 1st, SNPhA collaborates with Walgreens to observe World AIDS Day in the fight against HIV. On this day, SNPhA members provide HIV/AIDS education and awareness to the community at Walgreens HIV specialized pharmacies all across the country. Last year, SNPhA members impacted 1,888 patients nationwide on this day alone (This is an increase of 274 patients from the number of patients impacted in 2018). SNPhA chapters that made a significant contribution in their community in regards to HIV/AIDS submitted poster presentations at the 2019 National Conference in Houston, Texas. In addition to presenting their posters, these members had an opportunity to receive the Walgreens Health Outcome Award grant in order to continue their HIV/AIDS awareness efforts as a part of the Remember the Ribbon Initiative. Three finalists were selected to create a poster for the 2019 National Conference in Houston, Texas. The first place winner, The University of Texas at Austin, received $1,500, the second place winner, University of South Carolina, received $1,000 and the 3rd place winner, Rutgers University, received $750.


This year, we hope to build upon the work of our previous years and go even further in the mission to break down barriers. We hope to accomplish this by creating challenges that bring the topic of HIV/AIDs to the forefront, increasing PrEP education and building new partnerships. Our vision is to fight the stigma and improve the health outcomes of those living with HIV/AIDS while reducing the rate of new infections through education.


World AIDS Day 2020 Statistics (In Collaboration with Walgreens)

Chapters participated: 58

Patients reached: 1888


Overall Patient Impact

25,472 patients



Subcommittee Applications are now open!

Deadline for submission is September 30, 2020 at 11:59 Local Time





2020-2021 HIV/AIDS Awareness Days

National Faith HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - August 30

National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day - September 18th

National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - September 27th

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day - October 15th

World AIDS Day - December 1st

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - February 7th

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - March 10th

National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - March 20th

National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness - April 10th

National Transgender HIV Testing Day - April 18th

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day - May 18th

National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - May 19th

HIV Long Term Survivors Day - June 5th

National HIV Testing Day - June 27th

Tatiana Hines,