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ULM's SNPhA Chapter Makes News with CKD Event

Dee Gladney, Public Relations Liaison

On September 29th, 2018, ULM SNPhA’s Chronic Kidney Disease initiative hosted a kidney screening at the ULM College of Pharmacy. This screening was the result of several months of collaboration with the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana and the help of ULM’s Student Nursing Association nursing students.

Between the hours of 8:30-11:30, they were able to screen 87 patients for high risk of CKD or in early stage CKD.  The screening included measuring blood pressure and BMI, urinalysis with results on site, and a kidney panel drawn by phlebotomists from Clinical Pathology Laboratories. Before leaving, each patient was counseled on pertinent blood pressure, urinalysis, BMI findings, lifestyle modifications, and to follow up with their primary care physicain. The blood labs were sent off for testing, and each patient with pertinent findings will receive a call explaining their results and guiding them on what to do next.

In total, 38 volunteers participated in the event. Amongst the volunteers were 16 SNPhA students, 16 SNA students, 2 ULM Nursing faculty, ULM SNPhA advisor Dr. Alexis Horace, one other ULM Pharmacy faculty member, and 2 representatives from NKF LA. Because this event was staffed by nursing and pharmacy students, it served also to provide interprofessional education for both groups of students. It also demonstrated just how capable both groups of students are at counseling patients, as the NKF LA representatives had hoped to bring in nephrologists, nurse practitioners, or physician’s assistants to handle the counseling and had never considered pharmacists for the role of counselor.

The screening was heavily promoted in the month leading up to it, with CKD co-chair Craig Lavespere and SNA secretary Lauren Welch appearing on two local news shows. The NKF representatives handled a third interview from New Orleans via phone call.

Additionally, flyers were distributed to area churches, various small businesses, and family and friends of ULM SNPhA members. Because all expenses had to be covered by NKF LA, a minimum goal of 50 patients screened was established to verify their resources went to good use.

Ultimately, the event was incredibly successful. While there is still room for improvement next year, ULM SNPhA strengthened our partnership with nursing students and NKF representatives tremendously! We look forward to hosting the screening again next year!

November 29, 2018