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CIC Training Webinar Recording

Emy Cooper, Recording Secretary

Below is the link to the recording & powerpoint for the webinar:




Fequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Virtual Event accepted? Yes! They must follow the guidelines set in the 2020 CIC Manual, including at least three (3) screenshots or videos of the virtual events with speakers and/or participants. Only one photo of each individual speaker is allowed. In other words, if your virtual event has two guest speakers, only one photo of each is allowed.
  2. Are infographic acceptable virtual events? If the inforgraphic is for a surge event, then yes. If the inforgraphic is to be submitted under an initative outside of the surge event, then no. The infographic will fall under social media posts.
  3. When are summer events due? All events hosted between June 1st, 2019- September 4th, 2020 are due September 30th, 2020 at 11:59PM local time. All events held after September 5th will adhere to the 14+1 day submission rule. One monthly reflection and one social media report will be submitted for June 1st-August 31st by September 30th, 2020 at 11:59PM local time.
  4. How do I add chapter officers? Sign in & go to "Manage Chapter" Select “CHAPTER” on top banner. Scroll down to “Chapter Officers” Select “Edit”. Input chapter officers.
  5. When is the deadline to upload chapter officers onto the website? SEPTEMBER 30th! 
  6. How do I add chapter reporters? Sign in & go to "Manage Chapter". Under Members, select a Member’s Name. Scroll down to “Groups” and select “Edit”. Edit chapter reporter/manager status.

August 29, 2020