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Website Updates Nearly Complete

SNPhA Executive Board

"Blow it up."  This was the instruction National President, Darryl Lewis, gave six months ago regarding the website.  That one conversation launched an entire season of redesign, reimagination, and rebuild of the website.  Since starting the process, the entire National Executive Board has worked tirelessly to advance SNPhA's online presence.

Led by its champions, Swathi Varanasi (National Corresponding Secretary), Justin Bui (National Public Relations Liaison), and Dr. Bryan Donald (Executive Consultant), the Website Committee started at square one, with the look and feel of the website.  The end result is a tribute to the old, but a more minimalistic take to not distract from SNPhA's message.  As difficult as those first steps were, the Board has earned other powerful victories on the road to rebuilding the website: Membership, SNPhA Store, House of Delegates, and old but familiar features like resources and SNPhA TV.  Instead of keeping our website in a dimly lit office for most of the year and unveiling a finished product, we let you see the construction to include you in our process.  That has also helped us change our goals based on feedback, and will ultimately allow us to generate a better experience for our members.

Our most recent victory involves adding features to showcase our members and all the work they do for their communities.  Our eight Initiative pages will provide our members the most up-to-date information regarding events and resources. On the horizion, we look forward to putting together Chapter pages, National Office information, and Scholarships to continue building the best SNPhA resource for our members right here on

Of course, even when we reach this milestone, the work will not be finished.  We will continue to work on improving until it's the best, but we sincerely hope you find the new website a useful tool along your pharmacy journey.

January 31, 2018