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Scholarships and Awards Instructions

Bryan J. Donald, Executive Consultant

Now that we are approaching National Meeting, it is time for scholarship and other award applications!  Whether this is your first year applying for SNPhA scholarships or your third, we would like to congratulate you on taking the first step.  While we have done our best to make the process as easy as possible, there is a lot of information that goes into a competitive scholarship application, so please read these instructions carefully before you begin your application.

Viewing the Application

Before you begin, we recommend that you review the application description and requirements.  Open scholarships are listed on the resources page.  Pay close attention to the requirements for Letters of Recommendation, your Resume or CV, personal essay, and due dates.

Letters of Recommendation

You can work on your letters of recommendation by going to My SNPhA and clicking Engagement, then Manage Letters.

When you create a new letter of recommendation, you will be asked to provide a name for the letter, and the name and email address of your letter author.  The name of the letter is very important.  Try to provide a name that is unique and descriptive so you can identify it later.  In this example, you can see that I have named the letter after the pharmacist who will write the letter for me.  You can also see the status of your recommendation letters from this page.  When Dr. Udeani has submitted this letter, the status will change from "Pending" to "Complete."

When you create a new letter of recommendation, the author will receive an email at his or her email address (this email would have been sent to Dr. Udeani).  The email will contain sign-in information to submit the letter of recommendation.  We encourage you to follow up with your letter authors to ensure they have received this email.  If they have not, please ask them to reach out to us directly at

You can use any single letter for multiple scholarships, or you can ask for a separate letter for each scholarship.  Consider your needs and the time required of your letter authors when making this decision.


Just like Letters of Recommendation, you can manage your Resumes and CVs from the Engagement tab of My SNPhA.

When you upload a Resume or CV, you must also name it.  Again, please pay close attention to this name.  It must be unique so that you can identify it later.  And once again, just like with letters of recommendation, you can use the same one for all of your applications or may upload unique CVs for each award.  In this example, I will most likely use the same CV for each application, so I have simply named it "CV for Scholarships."

You may only upload PDF or Microsoft Word files.


You will type your essay into a text box as a part of your application.  The text editor will allow you to do any sort of formatting, so you can type it directly into the browser.

Assembling your Application

When you are ready to submit your application, go back to the scholarship description page and click "Apply for Award."  This will bring you to the actual application page.  Fill out all of the usual information, like GPA, and then select the Letters of Recommendation and the Resume or CV you want to use.  Letters and CVs will be listed in drop-down boxes for you to select (this is why it is important to name each letter and CV for you to identify later). 

Notice that you can select letters of recommendation even if they have not been completed.  This is okay, so long as they are completed by the time the application is due.  If you are confident that your letter author will complete your letter in time, there is nothing wrong with submitting your application early.

Just like if you were mailing off your application, or submitting an application for residency programs, you cannot edit the application after it is submitted.  Please make certain it is complete and accurate before pressing the submit button.  Once you have submitted your application, you should receive an email letting you know that we received it!


All award applications require an official transcript.  This may be the trickiest part of the application for you, because it requires someone else, your registrar, to send something to us on your behalf.  There are two ways to send us your transcript: electronic and by post.  We prefer electronic transcripts so long as they are official transcripts from your registrar's office.  If your school does not offer this, you can have your registrar send an official transcript to our Post Office Box in West Monroe, LA. 

No matter how your transcript is sent, it must include your member number.  In the image above, my member number is 1.  Yours might be anywhere between 2 and 100000.

Once we have received your transcript, the status will change from "Not Received" to "Received" with the date we processed your transcript.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.   

The due date for transcript reflects postmarked date or electronic delivery date.


Congratulations!  You have completed your scholarship or award application.  We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans this July to leave your L.E.G.A.C.Y. on the world of pharmacy!

February 25, 2018