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Version 0.11.1 - Forms

February 15, 2018

Version 0.11 creates interactive forms for National Officers to collect information from users. It also contains the scholarship and award application system in advance of the upcoming release of scholarship application information.

Summary of Changes:

  • Forms Active
  • Scholarship System Active
    • Letter of Recommendation solicitation
    • Letter of Recommendation submission
    • Resume/CV submission (known issue: only accepts pdf documents)
    • Scholarship Submission
    • Transcript tracking
  • About page and officer biographies active.
  • Changes to admin travel system

Version 0.10 - Initiative Pages

January 31, 2018

Version 0.10 steps closer to a completely functional Highlights include working initiative pages (available from the home page).

Summary of Changes:

  • Initiative Pages active.
  • Initiative Chapter Spotlights
  • Home page Chapter Spotlights
  • Banner Image links
  • Changes to admin media portal
  • Changes to admin handling of House of Delegates proposed resolutions

Version 0.9

January 08, 2018

Version 0.9 contains a number of changes to members's user profiles. This should make things easier to read and navigate for most users. It also gives Delegates the ability to submit resolutions both alone and as a collaboration.

Summary of Changes:

  • Enabled "Delegate" group.
  • Added propose resolution form.
  • Edits to administrator profiles and meeting planning tools.

Version 0.8.2 - SNPhA Store

November 19, 2017

Version 0.8 boasts the long-awaited return of the SNPhA Store! This is visible from the Resources tab. Items available for purchase include SNPhA label pins, RTR lapel pins, graduation cords, T-Shirts, and blood pressure cuffs.

Summary of Changes:

  • SNPhA Store items posted online
  • Shipping cost calculated automatically
  • Inventory tracking introduced
    • Does not allow users to order more than in-stock quantity
    • Shows inventory levels for items with fewer than 40 in stock
  • Discount codes can be created by National Officce and applied to orders
  • Store orders are tracked through processing and shipping
    • Member receives email when order is placed
    • Member receives email when order is shipped
    • Order status updated on order page

Version 0.7

November 06, 2017

With the 0.7 Update, is finally coming together! Version 0.7 features extensive updates to the media center. While most members won't see the media center, they will experience its effects. The media center is how the National Executive Board creates and shares content with our membership. All the items on the resources tab, all the videos in the SNPhA TV channel, all of the initiative update pages (all pages for that matter) are controlled through the media center. While there are a couple of pieces still missing, the majority of what we need to start sharing information is there. In this case, a public summary of changes will most likely not be meaningful to most users, so we can skip it this time.

Future Updates: Version 0.7 brings us closer to our first huge milestone update. The website has been slowly building through the beginning of the membership year. While we should and will continually build and improve the website, when we reach the point where we say that we have finished a "complete" website, that update will be called Version 1.0. What we have left to reach that point is to put the SNPhA Store online and finish up the few remaining corners of the website where there is no content to be seen.